Speed Networking - Love it or loathe it?

We have been running speed networking sessions at The 3 Counties Expo for the past couple of years. Our last one in April had 75 people attending.
If you haven’t done speed networking before here a quick overview of how it works.
Essentially it is a fast way of meeting a lot of people at once!
We line up the chairs and you sit opposite a new person every 2 minutes.

During your 2 minutes with each person you talk about your business for 1 min and they talk about theirs for one minute. You exchange cards and then move to the sit opposite the next person.
It's noisy, it's fast and it's not for everyone!
But is it effective?
The key is to get across quickly what you do and then move on to who you want to be connected to. Who does that person know who would make a good introduction for you?
Or consider if you want to meet that person for a meeting or continue discussions after the speed networking session has ended.
Also who do you know who would make a good contact for the people you meet.
Make brief notes on the cards as if you meet a lot of people you will find it hard to remember.
Maybe add a star for those you want to meet, a C for contacts you might have and a L to add them into your LinkedIn connections. Find a system that works for you.
To prepare for speed networking you must be able to communicate your business in a few words and really have clarity on who you would love to be connected to.
At our event on 6th November we are holding our speed networking session with our networking lunch and we will be having a break for some food in the middle- to make it less frenetic and more manageable. Plus you can then continue discussions.
The most important thing as with any networking - is follow up! If you do nothing, then nothing will happen!

If you want to join us for our speed networking event on 6th Nov at Kings House Conference Centre in Bedford from 1.30pm-3pm then BOOK HERE