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10.00am - How unhappy customers can keep you in business

Workshop delivered by customer service expert Helen Pettifer

However great a business is, inevitably there will be times when expectations are not met, and the unhappy customers’ feedback about the business, products, or services are the most valuable tools a company can ask for.

Feedback, not just complaints, provides the perfect opportunity to discover what your customers think and feel about your company. Comments and suggestions from customers assist businesses in evaluating whether products and services are still meeting (and exceeding) their needs?

Join Helen Pettifer as she explains why feedback is crucial to business growth and provides techniques in asking and acting upon customer feedback.

Helen Petitfer Training

11.00am Free speed networking session - Just turn up with your business cards and a smile!

12.00pm LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Workshop delivered by Amanda Brown an experienced online marketing consultant

Amanda Brown, online marketing consultant, will be showing you how to use LinkedIn in just 10 minutes a day to:

  • optimise your profile, 
  • build a high-value, relevant network,
  • engage with the the right people in the right companies and
  • take the 'cold' out of cold calling.

There are over 25 million LinkedIn members in the UK from all industry sectors. By employing a consistent communications strategy, LinkedIn can help you raise the awareness of your company and make valuable business relationships with potential clients and strategic alliances.

With a background in finance and many years running her own consultancy, Amanda specialises in effective online communications for business to business clients in the service sector with:

  • online marketing strategy
  • training in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and email marketng
  • online marketing management - a fully managed service

She ensures that clients' online marketing efforts are integrated with their business goals - doing what works, and not just jumping on the latest bandwagon.

“I would advise all business owners to be passionate about whatever you do, to have a go and not let fear of failure paralyse you into inaction. Take calculated risks, make a few mistakes, learn from them and be adaptable. The sum of all experiences, good and bad, makes us who we are.”

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